Bhutan FDI Update / Power Tariff Update (till 2019)

Allocation of Land: Land or space for establishing FDI business shall be available either on lease or ownership based on the provisions of the Land Act of Bhutan, 2007 and amendments thereto. Local partners shall be allowed to capitalize land as their equity contribution. *Previous policy: Lease or buy land by FDI company where foreign […]

Medicinal Plants in Bhutan

A wide range of plant diversity covers Bhutan’s two main mountain ranges, the Lho-Menjong and the Druk-Yul. From these rugged mountains come over 300 plant species traditionally used in preparing indigenous (Ayurvedic) medicine. Table 6 shows some of these plant species. Medicinal plants collected from Bhutan’s temperate and lower zones are known under the traditional […]

Cordyseps grown in Bhutan

Business Opportunity in Cordyceps in Bhutan

Interested to do something related to adding value to cordyceps grown in Bhutan. If so let me know & we could explore it together.   Below is some information shared by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest, Royal Government of Bhutan based on :  “Resolutions of the Annual Cordyceps Stakeholders Workshop (Thimphu, April 16, 2015)” […]

How much electricity am I using?

If you want to save electricity (and why wouldn’t you?) it helps to focus on the things that use most, and so cost you the most money. In other words: ‘what uses watt’? Some electrical items use a lot of electricity. Others don’t. As a rule, those with moving parts or which produce heat use much […]

Land, Rental & Construction cost in Bhutan

As a thumb rule, the cost of procuring land, renting space and cost of construction are provided as a rough guide. The three areas for which information is provided are Thimphu, Paro and Phuntsholing. The estimate are up to date as of 2017.  For additional information, please feel free to contact me.  Location Land Cost […]

Bhutan Chilli Import in 2016

Bhutan imported about 400,000 KGM of Chills in 2016. Indian imports constituted more than 99% of the total imports.    Due to the free trade agreement there is no custom duty on goods from India. However, for chilli Custom Duty from other countries is 50%.    Also given the distance and the perishable nature of chilli, it […]

Fiscal Incentives for setting up IT Business in Bhutan

Some of the Incentives for Setting up an IT Business in Bhutan are as follows: A 5-year income tax holiday to the IT-enabled service businesses located outside IT park. a. It shall be effective from the date of commercial operation. b. The business must be a newly established entity licensed and commercially operated between 1st […]

Hospitality in Bhutan | Bhutan Enterprise

Hospitality Sector

Bhutan’s tourism policy is guided by the principle of ‘high value low impact’. The Government is promoting sustainable tourism throughout the country all year round taking advantage of the country’s unique cultural heritage and natural environment while minimizing negative impacts. Focus areas are nature-based activities including wellness tourism, spiritual as well as meetings, incentives, conferences, […]

Power Intensive Industries | Bhutan Enterprise

Power Intensive Industry

Bhutan has, so far, tapped only about 7% of its potential 30,000 MW hydropower. By 2020 the installed capacity will reach 10,000 MW with a firm power of about 2000 MW. About 85% of the generation will be diverted to high voltage industries. Investment in power intensive industries remains attractive from this perspective.

Mining in Bhutan | Bhutan Enterprise

Mines and Minerals

Bhutan has mapped and prospected only about 33% of the country with potential for further discovery in unexplored parts of the country. Past exploration has confirmed reserves of industrial minerals like limestone, dolomite, gypsum, quartzite, graphite, talc etc and metals including tungsten, lead-zinc, ferrous metals and copper.